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  1. Smart Education: Smart HD Whiteboard

    As an emerging visual interaction system, intelligent electronic whiteboard is widely used in education, business meetings, outdoor advertising and other fields. With the rapid development and popularization of high-definition display technology and mobile Internet, 4K ultra-high-definition display has gradually become the standard of the new generation of electronic whiteboards. At the same time, users have put forward higher requirements for the intelligent and interactive experience of electronic whiteboards. The hardware computing platform of the traditional electronic whiteboard has been unable to meet the requirements in terms of high-definition display characteristics, computing performance, network performance, and convenience of maintenance and upgrade.

  2. Self-service terminal

    Self-service terminal products include ATM/VTM/CTM/CRS/BST/BSM and so on. With the continuous development of financial derivatives industry, the increase of outlets and the improvement of service efficiency, the requirements for built-in computing machines are also increasing, such as high performance, low standby power consumption, easy maintenance, low noise design, etc. The service terminal can provide self-service card opening, report loss, cancellation, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, payment, inquiry, printing, IC card storage and collection and other value-added service automation services. Topstar's self-service products can meet the needs of the above end products and provide a wide range of solutions for the banking, insurance, communications, power, medical and other industries.

  3. Next generation network security solutions

    With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet of Things, network security devices are widely used in projects including network data security, network monitoring, IPS intrusion prevention, and online behavior management. This is the computing performance, network performance, and reliability of the network security device hardware platform. Sex, compatibility, etc., put forward higher requirements.

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