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The Standard New York Hotel is a 18 storey building in SoHo District of New York, supported by two concrete columns above the front line of Manhattan. The hotel is made of solid concrete with a beautiful and unique appearance: the hotel is divided into two parts and is slightly tilted in the central area, showing the unique beauty of the architecture.

The hotel is part of the Andre Balazs standard chain store, designed by Todd Schliemanns, New York architects. Its interior design combines nostalgia and futuristic style. It was carefully designed by New York interior design experts, Rome and Williams, and was deeply respected by Scandinavia modernism and surrounding meat in 1960s and 70s. The rough rough style of the processing area is in stark contrast. In the hotel's Roof garden, you can enjoy not only the relaxing feeling, but also the magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. You can use the private Duravit Starck bathtub (independent elegant bathtub) to get a better panoramic view and make you intoxicated with the charming lights of the city.

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