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Smart Education: Smart HD Whiteboard

Built-in recording and playback module, pluggable, easy to maintain the recording and playback module with embedded system, stable operation, avoiding virus intrusion

Support B/S remote broadcast, realize remote lectures, distance learning
Fully automatic recording control, no human operation, one button start, one button end
Automatically identify teacher behavior without tracking the host
Eliminate noise and gain control without audio matrix, and restore vocal

◎ dual-core engine
Windows, Android dual system integrated design, deep integration, number
According to mutual sharing
Dual system can independently realize whiteboard writing and multimedia courses in multiple formats
Play, double guarantee

◎ smooth interaction
Anti-light interference, anti-shadowing, adapt to various environments
Two fingers call up the "quick wizard", the teacher operates more smoothly
Fast response, writing and demonstration
Courseware classification management, courseware call is more convenient

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