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  • TEA-N1805

    The TEA-N1805 is a 1U rack-mounted network security machine with Intel Baytrail processor, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports onboard, and 1 set of Bypass. It can be widely used in VPN, firewall, online behavior management and other industries.

  • TEA-CE3018

    TEA - CE3018 is designed for intelligent transportation industry of the whole machine equipment, is more than the 8-10-16 AFC industry application of standard serial no fan industrial machine, this product is mainly used for vending machine (TVM)/automatic ticket machine (AGM)/automatic check-in machine (TCM)/semi-automatic machines (BOM). The whole machine with standard Mini ITX motherboard TEB - M8086, Bay Trail processor,

  • ITX-H6200U

    ITX-H6200u is based on Intel skylake-u mobile platform. The standard mini-itx 170*170mm mainboard has no fan design and can be used in retail, catering and other industries

  • TEA-CE3020

    Tea-ce3020 is a professional complete machine designed for the on-board industry. It is a standard access system design for driving school examination.On-board memory 2 gb / 4 g optional, 32 g / 64 g storage is optional, can support WIFI/BT / 3 g / 4 g wireless communications, and can touch, smooth, high temperature and high wet application with Bay Trail - I platform E3825 / E3845, 6 watts low-power CPU fanless design.

  • TEB-C9060

    The TEB-C9060 is based on the Intel® 6th Gen SKY LAKE-U platform and is based on Intel's low-power sixth-generation core board, DDR4 SO-DIMM memory, up to 16GB, through a set of two 220PIN high-density connectors and The boards are connected, and the core board's PCIe/USB/SATA/DPD signals are transmitted to the carrier board, which can be widely used in finance, medical and other industries, with flexible application and convenient upgrade.


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